made in: Sidi Kaouki

A 40-minute (very cramped) grand taxi ride from Essaouira will get you to beautiful Sidi Kaouki:

Beautiful sunsets almost every night. This one really looked just like this, I swear.

And the sound system at the mosque really sounds like this:


I liked it there so much, I wanted to make a little something to remember it by. I’d collected some shells from the beach, and in Essaouira I picked up some old Moroccan coins and beads that matched the color of the roof of the shrine:

I combined them with some sand- and sky-colored beads I’d been carrying for a while, plus some new old beads given to me by the owner of the Blue Kaouki hotel (thanks, Veronique!).

See Elena in the last photo (taken in the hostel bathroom, ha)? She watched me make the necklace, and thought it would look great doubled up like a choker. She was totally right, no? She took it home with her (thanks, chica :)), so that necklace is no longer available. But don’t panic. I had enough beads left to make another:

It’s available in my etsy shop.

Other travel-inspired, handmade souvenirs HERE.


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