visual recipe: traditional Moroccan _______ soup

N. (a teacher at the school where I was volunteering) told us that she wanted to make _________ soup (she said the name in Arabic, so I didn’t understand and promptly forgot it).

I like helping with food preparation, especially when part of the prep involves grocery shopping. So some of the other volunteers and I followed N. like a gaggle of eager ducklings to the corner store.

And then we (ok, mostly the rest of them) got to work:

So what was this exotic delicacy?

Fava bean soup.

It was even better the second day. And the third. (But not the fourth).

©, 2013-2016.


  1. The soup is called Bissara. What a fun field trip that was to the corner store. I remember Najia seemed to feel like she was herding cats as she tried to keep us all paying attention and participating. Great pictures!!!


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