with love from…Settat

Usually I find the old postcard first, and it leads me on a little adventure to/through the new place. In this case, some new friends (David and Austin, fellow volunteers in Berrechid), invited me to visit a new place (Settat) with some old(ish) friends of theirs. The postcard came later.

So first, the place: Settat. Pronounced Ssss’tat…? (self-conscious drag on the ‘s’, followed by an unsure emphasis on ‘TAT’. Maybe?). The plan was to have coffee and hang out, and that’s just what we did. It was lovely.

We took the train from Berrechid to Settat:

Walked and talked:

Til we found the breakfast spot:

There might’ve been some light flirting:

Followed by a walk through a dusty, deserted park, and then a photo shoot:

And a nice, long wait for the electricity to come back at La Perle so we could have more coffee:

And more walking, and more hanging out while waiting for our taxi to fill up:

It was a good day.

Weeks later, while rummaging through a roadside rummage sale near Sidi Kaouki, I saw this:

And smiled — first, because it reminded me of a great day with great people. And second, because it’s funny to see SETTAT (!!) splashed on a postcard. Hee.

This postcard isn’t for sale because I need to hand-deliver it to Austin and David someday, somewhere. But there are plenty of other cool ones HERE.

More postcard adventures HERE.


  1. It was so much fun to read this post. I had so much fun that day. Breakfast, conversation, coffee, walking and the Australian Outback all in one day in Morocco.


    P.S. Great pictures. Too bad you’re not in more of them with us. Can’t wait to receive the postcard in person.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andreé

    Nice to see continue your journey Donna! I visit your blog once in a while just to see you’re doing fine :)

    I went to Tobago before christmas and stayed at Winstons place with a friend of mine. Winston hadn’t forgotten about you either ;)


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