with love from…Rabat

Rabat. The capital of Morocco. Described to me – by Moroccans and other travelers – as “modern”, “clean”, “unauthentic”, “boring.” Hm.

It looked nice in my postcards:

So I went.

Postcards in hand, I started with the medina.

(Click on a photo to open a slideshow with captions):

I turned another corner and found myself on the main tourist souvenir-shopping drag. Close enough match for me:

A quick snack on the way out of the medina and towards the waterfront (where a crew was just about finished packing up the fun rides. Dang). :

I held up my next postcard – captioned “Bateaux de Plaisance sur le Bou Regreg” (pleasure boats on the Bouregreg River) – and, looking out across the water, couldn’t decide which of the modern-day activities seemed more pleasurable on such a drizzly morning: kayaking or fishing. Maybe neither.

But drinking a coffee sounded great.

And finally I headed away from the medina, kasbah, and waterfront and over to the “new town” where, even with the help of a friendly white-gloved police officer, I couldn’t find a trace of the old dirt-road intersection of the “Rue de la Marne”.

Most postcard then/now hunts HERE.

The postcards (and waaaay too many others) are available in my etsy shop. Please buy them so I can buy more :)

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  1. I remember Austin and I almost went to Rabat with you. Reading this is a window into something like what it would have been like to have all been cruising around together. It’s cool that people seemed to want to help you on your scavenger hunt.



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