Sunday afternoon in…Berrechid, Morocco

There doesn’t seem to be much happening in the streets of Berrechid most Sunday afternoons.

But then one day – what’s this? All these people…? And horses in a truck…?

We were told “Fantasia’s in town!” Great! Mm, what’s fantasia?

(click on the first photo to open a slideshow with captions)

And then!

It was exciting!

Here’s a little video I made of two of the 20+ groups we watched: the first troupe is ok, the second one nails it (as far as I can tell):

This went on for hours every afternoon/evening, which gave us the chance to explore the snacks and other entertainment provided on the grounds:

Also called jeu de la poudre, fantasia apparently evolved from the type of cavalry charges used in the past by military groups throughout the Maghreb. It’s still practiced in north African countries, mainly Algeria and Morocco – where regional competitions eventually lead to a national championship. (I think. It was explained to me several times, and each explanation was different and uniquely confusing).

I didn’t see any women charging down the line in Berrechid, but check out this video of the femmes’ fantasia troupe from Kenitra, Morocco:

And, when fantasia has packed up and moved on (which, sadly, it did — leaving a vast, desolate wasteland of a lot behind), there is at least one other thing to do on a Sunday afternoon/evening in Berrechid: bumper cars :)

More great Sundays around the world HERE.




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